Sunday, September 4, 2011

Borderland's shaky cam footage is bad ass.

Check this out, some dude was sly enough to get a video cam recording the private showing of Borderlands 2 at PAX. The quality isn't that great but it's the first footage of any actual game play for Borderlands 2. 

To quickly summarize on the more interesting stuff that happened on the video:
  • The ability to throw your guns at enemies
  • Better enemy AI
  • A mini boss who uses a midget as a shield
  • An awesome talent called sexual tyrannosaurus
  • A look at another playable character
  • A cameo of a returning character from the last game
  • The ability to dual wield anything as the Gunserker class
Overall the game looks more of the good stuff the first one had, except with more icing on the cake. I've never played Borderlands but after watching the huge amount of awesome this video had, I may give it a go. What do you guys think? Y'all hyped?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New cover art for Street Fighter X Tekken makes Ryu look fat.

Capcom has released their box art for their new cross fighter game Street Fighter X Tekken. All I gotta say is, damn Ryu! You've let yourself go, you fatty fat fatty, look at those chubby cheeks.

BONUS: Also released, 2 new character teaser trailers! I'm sure the first one is Heihachi. The second one might be Rolento with Sean duck-taped to him? I'm not sure I'm just going with what the YouTube community is guessing. Check em out.

Who do you guys think is the second, mysterious character?

Spotted via Event Hubs.

Guess Who's Back? Back Again?

Hello my loyal, faithful and only reader! It's been such a long time, shouldn't left you with out a dope beat to step to, but I'm back after some "internet difficulties". Their might of been more issues other then that, but I do not want to bore you with the details. The important thing is that I'm back and I'm ready to write about em video games! Oh boy! So please, would you kindly join me once again to ride, on my journey for truth and journalism!