Monday, June 6, 2011

Battlefield 3 looking great!

EA showed of their newest addition to the Battlefield series, Battlefield 3, powered by the new Frost Bite 2 Engine. They announced a new system that lets you and your friends share and compare battle stats in real-time. There will also be a multi-player beta on September 11 for those who want to check out the game early. Later on, they showed a game demo taking place on the Iranian desert. It starts with the player on a tank, he goes down the chamber and goes up to a terminal. From there the player has access to the many of the guns the tank is armed with. The player can also call for air support and bomb the enemies bases. A bit of a boring demo, they didn't really get to show some of the more exciting looking parts that the trailers showed of, but damn I will be lying if I didn't say the graphic are impressive.

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