Thursday, June 30, 2011

New bill wants to make streaming video games illegal!

A new bill has been proposed to  the Congress. If the bill passes any type of streaming of video games through YouTube, Live Stream, Justin TV, etc. will be considered a felony. The bill will be a ten strike bill, those who get all ten strikes will go to jail. This is fucking ridiculous, guys. This only benefits the greedy companies that don't want their content shown unless you pay for it.

Is there anything we can do? Actually there's a petition right here. Is it a 100% grantee that it'll stop the bill? Who knows, but it doesn't hurt to sign and even so it's pretty unlikely that this law will pass. It pretty much violates the first amendment. People post videos showing their opinions on a video game while playing. In a fighting game people may invent new combo's and they want to share them with their friends online. Other times they may find a humorous glitch while playing and they 'll want to share that as well. Allowing this bill to pass is pretty much taking away our freedom of speech, it is unconstitutional. It's pretty likely that the Congress will see the harm that this bill can do.

I bet this fucker is supporting the bill.
Spotted via Destructoid.

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