Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nintendo not planning to be #1 online platform.

"We're not going to sit here and say that our goal is to become the number one online gaming company" claims Mr. Miyamoto in an MTV interview. I don't know, but for a company to say that they are not striving to be number one sounds more like, "You know what guys we're gonna stop trying." Nintendo has the reputation for not being Internet friendly, the GameCube had no Internet support, and the Wii and DS had that revolting friend code system.

We live in a new era Nintendo, and the Internet is a part of it! By not supporting and making a better internet feature, you are dumbing down the system and ruining it's potential.

Miyamoto later adds that, "A key word for Nintendo in the online sphere has been creating an experience that's comfortable for all players." This brings up speculation that friend codes or something similar will happen for the Wii U. Sure the platform may be targeted to be family friendly but Microsoft and Sony both have parental control and it doesn't get in the way like friend codes do.

It's just frustrating that the more I hear about the Wii U the more I'm starting to hate the idea. Bad internet system, no DVD support, awful placed analog sticks, only one touch pad control per system and pricey ass tag for the controller, it's just... Y U NO WORK RIGHT, NINTENDO, Y!?!?
Internet humor....:\
Spotted via GamesRadar

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