Monday, June 6, 2011

Sony Recap!

I'm Sowwy :(

Sony's has had the best conference so far this whole E3. They covered a whole lot of games, and had some surprises I did not suspect. Jack Tretton made a quick apology to it's consumers and fellow workers. "and it is you that both causes us to be humbled and amazed at the amount of dedication and support you continue to give to the PlayStation brand" says Mr. Tretton after apologizing, "(the consumers) are the blood line of Playstation."

The PS Vita is a real thing and it looks freaking awesome! It has two touch screens front and back, you can decide between a 3g or Wi-fi model. It's also a bit pricey, the Wi-fi model is $249 and the 3g model is $299. The crowd cheered when they announce the prices, I'm not sure why, am I really that poor :(? Sly Thieves in Time was announced, and many of the anticipated tittles will give you the option to use move, some examples are Saint's Row: The Third and BioShock Infinite. The only thing I have to nitpick at is that they focused to much on the 3D and the move. It wasn't as bad as the Kinect presentations but it still bored the hell out of me. Nitpicking aside I'm impressed, let's see if Nintendo can top them tomorrow.

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