Monday, June 6, 2011

Microsoft's Conference recap.

Overall it seemed that Microsoft wanted to focus on Kinect more then anything this year. They also wouldn't stop talking about their new menus and how you can interact by using your voice. More then half of the games shown used Kinect. It was a bit annoying seeing grown ups and kids over reacting. But at least Microsoft is putting there new peripheral to use. The new Ghost Recon game looks kind of interesting, being able to customize weapons with the Kinect looks really cool. Seeing Tim Schafer's Sesame Street  game is a bit of a letdown, I was hoping something more creative out of him, but the game is for kids, so, what can I expect? I'll admit though, it was pretty cute. The new Tomb Raider game looks okay but a bit generic. Other then that I can't complain much, Microsoft seems to want to please both casuals and hardcore gamers alike with Kinect, but I don't think many hardcore gamers are open to the idea of playing all there games with Kinect.

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